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Dinner Sets

Beautifully designed Bamboo dinner sets that give kids extra joy at mealtimes.

Our bamboo kids’ dinner sets are made from sustainable bamboo fibres, corn starch and wood fibres. These natural materials are mixed with melamine resin to stick the natural fibres together, and create a strong and safe product for your child. Melamine resin is made from oil, an organic matter formed millions of years ago from small plants and animals. Some people don’t like the word melamine, so they use instead the term ‘organic resin’.

Our dinner sets have been tested and approved in accordance with EU as well as special German regulations, to be sure they contain no harmful substances. A dinner set used for baby food must be 100% safe!

Check out our dinner sets and find your favorite – the 3 friends from the woods, or the butterflies and other cute insects, that play such an important role in our nature. The sets come in a convenient thoughtful packaging made from recycled carton.

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