Toys of Joy Initiative


Supporting Danish Childhood Cancer Foundation

October is a special month. A month for creating awareness and giving support towards fighting cancer. Join our Toys of Joy Initiative and let us make a difference together. For every product you buy on our webshop, we donate 10% of your purchase to a children’s cancer foundation from one country. 

Cancer has become one of the common causes of death. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), cancer is a leading cause of death for children in the world. Around 300 000 children and adolescents aged 0-19 years old are diagnosed with cancer each year. In Denmark, about 200 children get cancer. We all – in some way or another in our lives – get affected. When a child gets sick, family life is put on pressure. The illness and worries disrupt the everyday life of the sick child, parents and siblings. During this time, the child and their family needs support. Organizations such as Danish Childhood Cancer Foundation supports children with cancer and their families.

In October, different fundraising and community initiatives take place. At FRANCK & FISCHER, we are pleased to take part  through our Toys of Joy Initiative.  The Toys of Joy Initiative will involve donating 10% of October webshop sales to a cancer organization. As we have a special place for children, our initiative will support different children’s organizations every year. This year, the Toys of Joy Initiative will support Danish Childhood Cancer Foundation. Such organizations need our support and every penny counts. Buy your favourite FRANCK & FISCHER toy or accessory and join us in making a difference.

About Danish Childhood Cancer Foundation (Børne Cancer Fonden)

Henrik Hertz founded the Danish Childhood Cancer Foundation in 1995. The objective is to support all children survive cancer for a good life without lasting damage after the illness and treatment. The foundation has continued to provide support for research in diagnosis & treatment of cancer in children and how to tailor treatment to the individual child, thus reduce the side effects. Moreove, it directly supports children and their families, and also doctors & nurses in developing their knowledge in treating cancer in children. Danish Childhood Cancer Foundation is an independent organization and depends on donations.

Read more about Børne Cancer Fonden.