FRANCK & FISCHER is Danish designed organic toys, bags and accessories for babies and small children. During the years, more and more of the characteristic design products have been entertaining children all over the world.

Our philosophy is guided by our brand line “Design for kids – Made with care” which is focused on designing beautiful products that are produced sustainably using natural materials.

The DNA of the design is a graphic interpretation of different animals in the world. You will find foxes, rabbits, squirrels and hedgehogs in our collection. Also elephants, tigers and buzzing insects as they are all an important part of nature. Each product has a clear Scandinavian look and is manufactured with a high focus on every detail. Therefore, functionality and play-value goes hand in hand with a modern design.


Sustainability and responsible production are important to us. We use natural materials such as certified organic cotton and FSC certified wood for all our toys and interior products. For the filling, we prefer corn fiber or recycled polyester. Organic cotton is produced without pesticides and insecticides, and certified wood comes from responsibly managed forests. In addition, our products are manufactured responsibly, and in close cooperation with our suppliers. We believe that this ensures our production impacts the environment as little as possible. Similarly, this guarantees our customers high quality design products, produced in a responsible manner. Find out more about the materials we use and about our suppliers.

FRANCK & FISCHER was founded in 2005 by Annemarie Franck and Charlotte Fischer. We are based in Copenhagen.